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Spars & Dashing

As one of the original providers of spar dash materials Lloyds Spar Quarries have developed a range of finishes to suit any building or area. Our washed and bagged aggregates are specified throughout the UK by public and private sector users.

Working closely with external wall insulation suppliers and contractors our range contributes colour and variety to green deal projects that are helping to update and renew housing stock and prolong the life of energy efficient housing.

anton buff

Anton Buff 3-8mm

A sensibly priced buff/beige finish using UK supplied aggregates…

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Arctic black white spar 3-8mm black and white spar litton Blend of white marble and black basalt

Arctic Black & White Spar 3-8mm

A Lloyds Spar original. Black and white mix…

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Arctic champagne spar 3-8mm Wet

Arctic Champagne Spar 3-8mm

A distinctive mix of honey and buff coloured aggregate with white marble. Great contrast of colours…

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Arctic red and white spar 3-8mm wet

Arctic red & white spar 3-8mm

The original red and white dashing mix…

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Arctic silver spar 3-8mm wet

Arctic silver spar 3-8mm

A unique mix of our distinctive Arctic white marble and silver granite gives a clean attractive finish…

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Arctic white spar 3-8mm wet polar

Arctic white spar 3-8mm

A sharp white marble. Lloyds Spar were the original supplier of this product into the UK…

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Ascot spar 3-8mm wet

Ascot Spar 3-8mm

A sharp clean mix of quartz and white marble…

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Ashton cream spar 3-8mm wet

Ashton cream 3-8mm

A popular mix of beige marble and white marble…

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Balmoral spar 3-8mm wet

Balmoral Spar 3-8mm

A clean and sharp blend of Arctic white marble and Yellow quartz creates a distinctive sharp finish…

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Beige marble 6mm wet tuscan

Beige Marble 6mm

Spanish beige marble that is often described as Tuscan beige…

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Black spar 6mm wet basalt

Black Spar 6mm

Black basalt for a dark angular finish…

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Buff quartz 3-8mm wet spey chip

Buff quartz 3-8mm

Scottish highland spey quartz…

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